16 prepped meals, high macronutrient density, freezable. Total cost $40, or $2.50 per meal. Prep and portion time 2.5 hours including cooling, cooking.

8×5 block
8×3 block

1.8kg chicken thigh, +curry paste marinade and oven roasted (54 blocks PRO) (8×4 block and 8×2.5 block meals)

2.1 kg sweet potato, sliced into fingers, microwaved then oven baked with Chilli (40 CHO) (8×3 block and 8×2 block CHO)

Finish with low fat cheese (8×1 block 21g, and 8×0.5 block 10.5g)
Finish with brown rice (8×1.75 block 58g, 8×0.75 block 24g)
Finish with mixed frozen veg (0.25 block 80-100g each)
Finish with your choice or FAT blocks.*

*Note that you need to add the FAT blocks

Submitted by Henry Elliot